neithan does not follow a strict concept though there are several themes that are bound to its intention.

nihilism and pessimism.

nihilism marks the emptiness and hollowness in life, the absence of order, reason and meaning within existence.
pessimism is a natural reaction to the bitter conclusions that the cognition of the senselessness cause.
if man realize that there is no meaning in life, that there are no ideals to follow and that there is no life after all than man comes down to earth again.
neithan reflects the impressions and feelings that rise through these cognition and perception...
an expression of nihilism

nothingness and the tragedy behind existence.

facing nothingness is looking beyond hope, faith and god.
you have to realize that reason, meanings or god are merely constructions of mind, that was invented to keep the self protected from facing nothingness.

deep inside you know that all is born from chaos, that there is no meaning behind
but you have to create structure and a system in being to keep the constant delusion alive, to hide from nothingness.
do you rather live fearful and blinded than to accept the futility of life or the finality of death?
just let go and face your own weakness!
can’t you carry your burden without something to hold on?
do you need a crutch over the bridge called life?

the main purpose of neithan is the destruction of illusions to unveil the nothingness beyond and the tragedy behind being .

void - july 2006, edited 10.08.2010

“… it's only after you’ve lost everything that you are free to do anything …”
(Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk)

"god is dead!" - the madman said.
...and god remains dead!

But do you know what "the world" is to me?
Shall I show it to you in my mirror?

This world is a monster of energy
without beginning, without end
it’s eternally self-creating, eternally self-destroying
enclosed by "nothingness" as by a boundary
it is my beyond good and evil.

This world is the will to power! And nothing besides!

- inspired by W.F.Nietzsche