notes from nothingness
four studio tracks of nihilistic black art...
... plus one tracked live at
'under the black sun 2006

recorded in december 2006
at 'eastend-recordings' berlin (Ger)
mixed and mastered from january to march '07
at "doc no - studio" berlin
all mixing and mastering by doc no and damian

all music produced and arranged by
- neithan -

released on 15.08.2007

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Notes from Nothingness

worlds of suicide
over 56 min. filled with depressive and suicidal black metal
... an expression of nihilism and pessimism

created from october 2004 - november 2005
Recorded from august - december 2005 and
mastered in march/ april 2006 at
"doc no - studio" berlin
released on 28.04.2006

all music produced, arranged and mastered by
- neithan -

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Notes from Nothingness